NCRS 2024 Hampton Roads, VA National Convention Parking

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2024 NCRS Hampton Roads, VA National Convention
Sunday August 4th through Thursday August 8th.

Parking Information

Hotel Parking Information: Members who do not pay for Secure Corvette Parking or Secure Trailer Parking may use self parking at $5.00 per day.

Arrival Instructions

Early arriving trailers park in CC-2. They must move to CC-4 Sunday, August 4th, 8AM.

Trailers (including Semi) Parking Lot CC-4 is available starting Sunday, August 4th, 8AM.

Staging Lot CC-3 opens Sunday, August 4th 8AM.

Staging Instructions

Trailered cars will be unloaded in the Secured Trailer Parking Area CC-4 on Sunday August 4th and driven to Staging Lot CC-3.

Driven cars will go to Staging Lot CC-3 starting Sunday, August 4th, 8AM.

Cars will remain outside Sunday night.

After Operations check on Monday, August 5th, cars will be driven to photo/gas tank check and then into show hall.

Secure (Paid) Corvette Parking CC-f starts Sunday, August 4th 9AM.

You must register and pay for Secure Corvette Parking.


Parking Security in CC-4 and CC-f begins 5PM Sunday, August 4th and ends 8AM Friday, August 9th.

Parking Security in CC-3 begins 5PM Sunday, August 4th and ends 8AM Monday, August 5th.

Hotel and Convention Center


The Registration Desk will be inside the front doors of the Convention Center at Entrance. Be sure to visit the Registration Desk to check in and get your needed paperwork and credentials before bringing your car to the secure parking or staging area.

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