NCRS 2022 National Convention Youth Registration

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2022 NCRS Mobile, Alabama National Convention
Saturday July 23rd through Thursday July 28th, 2022

Youth Activities

We continue our NCRS youth activities for the convention! Our tradition includes teaching a youth oriented judging school, involving the next generation in real/live judging action by giving them a teamwork task with select National Team Leaders during the Founders Award, Operations Check judging and providing recognition for their judging services at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Beyond that, we offer an alternative activity to sitting though our membership meeting.  That has traditionally been by providing a “pizza and movie” alternative activity closed to the adult crowd.

No, don’t go for your wallet or purse, the costs associated with our youth program are borne by convention sponsorship. We do this to prove that you don’t have to love cars as an active NCRS youth. You can spend some time with your own generation while also enjoying the family tours and other convention activities with your parents. Parents should feel free jto enroll their children/grandchildren for this program and let them participate to the degree they feel comfortable with.

Please note! Parents must be available on-site for these youth events, approve/authorize the youth participation and give us a mobile phone number for emergency contact.  Please register each of your children (ages 7-15).  Make extra copies of this form if necessary.

  Youth #1       Youth #2
NCRS #  ________________   ________________  
Name ________________   ________________  
Shirt Size ________________   ________________  
City  ________________   ________________  
State/Province ________________   ________________  
Zip/Postal Code ________________   ________________  
Phone Contact   ________________   ________________  
Youth Judging School, Founders (Monday) Yes______No_____    Yes______No_____ 
Judging Recognition (Membership Meeting) Yes______No_____  Yes______No_____  
Youth Movie Night (During Member Meeting)  Yes______No_____  Yes______No_____ 

For a printable form you can send in click here!

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