National Corvette Restorers Society

NCRS 2019 National Convention Registration

2019 NCRS Greenville, SC, National Convention
Sunday July 14th through Thursday July 19th, 2019

Please register as soon as possible beginning February 1, 2019 either online (greatly preferred) or through the US Mail. Online Registration will open February 1, at 12:01 A.M. and end at midnight June 1st EST for the Convention and Road Tours. Complete instructions for online registration are here and also in the Driveline. Please take advantage of it!

Registration forms postmarked prior to February 1 or incomplete or illegible will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. Registration forms received in the NCRS Registration office after June 1 will not be processed and will be returned to the sender.

After June 1, you may only register on-site at the convention. You will not be able to register a Corvette, and you will be subject to an additional $25 late fee.

You must register for the Meet to attend any of the activities. Enter any family members and/or guests (NCRS members cannot be registered as a guest) who will attend.

Your pre-registration makes it possible for NCRS to effectively plan and produce a great convention at a very reasonable cost. Early registration will minimize the chances that your car will be waitlisted, or that you will not be able to attend a particular event. We anticipate significant interest in many events as always. Please do not wait until the last minute to register. The later you register, the greater the chance of disappointment!

Convention registrations will be confirmed by email (or mail if none exists). Registration packets, meal tickets, shirts and name badges, etc. must be picked up onsite at the NCRS Registration Desk. Please always wear your Convention name badge. It is required for admission to all NCRS Convention events.

You must submit a Judging Application Form if you are going to have a car Judged, PV'd, displayed, or display as a Sportsman. If you are bringing your Children we ask that you complete the Youth Registration Form so the Youth Volunteers will know how many and what age groups to plan activities for. Youth don’t have to “love” cars to join us in spending some time with their own generation.  Registering for the Youth Activities doesn’t mean you have to participate in all of them.  You can choose to take part in all or just some of those that are scheduled.  That way you can also take part in the other scheduled tours and activities with your parents.

Complete and submit the Road Tour Form if you plan to participate in one of the Road Tour Groups from around the country.

Secured Parking

For information on Secured Parking.

Online Registration Forms

The easiest way to register for this event is through the online registration system at The online subscription forms for this event will be available from February 1st until June 1st. Complete instructions are online and printed in the Driveline.

Driveline Registration Forms

Registration forms taken from the Driveline postmarked prior to February 1st, or incomplete forms will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. Registration forms received in the Cincinnati office after June 1st, will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. If you need a copy of the paper form.

Printable Registration Forms

If you register by paper form it MUST BE MAILED IN.

You should make a copy of all the forms you send in to bring with you to the event in case there are any questions about your registration.

Meet Registration Form

National Convention Online Registration

National Convention registration can be done completely online. Go to and select the National Convention.

You will be able to complete your Convention Registration, enter your car for judging or display, sign up for the Road Tour, volunteer to help out, and volunteer to judge, all from your computer.

If you have never established your NCRS login credentials by creating a Login; you can go to to easily set up your Login credentials.

Do not wait until the last minute to set up your Login credentials as you will not be able to register online for the Convention until you have successfully completed this task! If you have difficulties with your login please leave a ticket at the HelpDesk.

February 1st will be the start of Convention registration both through the mail and online. While we encourage as many members as possible to use the online system - neither system has an advantage in registering “earlier” than the other. A postmark on a registration mailed to Cincinnati counts exactly the same as the date that you complete and pay for an online registration. As always - the earlier you register for the National Convention- the less chance that you have for disappointment. Every year, we have disappointed members who waited until the last minute to register for a tour or have a Corvette judged, to find that it was sold out or they missed the deadlines.

Please read the description of events in the on the Activities page to get an idea of what on site Convention events you and your family would like to register for. Gather your car’s Title/Registration and insurance information along with your Trim Tag information (if you are registering a Corvette for judging or display or if you are bringing a Corvette) before you go online. You will need to scan your Title, Registration and your insurance documents to files (jpg, tif, bmp, pdf, etc.) that you can upload from your computer if you have a scanner handy. If you can’t scan and send them “electronically”, photocopies of these documents will need to be mailed to the Registrar's office (as in the past).

While there are several pages of forms necessary for you to fill out to register for the Convention, we have strived to make it as easy as possible. Log in, and the system will fill in your name and address. Fill in the VIN for the Corvette(s) that you want to register, and the system will pull much of the other needed car information right out of the NCRS databases. Double check the information for accuracy and save each page when it is complete and correct.

  • The first page is your Personal Details Page which is pulled directly from our membership database. Check the details for accuracy and “save” the page if you make any changes.
  • The second is the Main Registration Page. Enter any family members and/or guests who will attend. Select from all of the events and enter the number attending. At the end of the page you must save your entries before proceeding. After you have saved the page, scroll back to the bottom and click on “Next”.
  • The third is the Car Judging Page for Corvettes to be judged or displayed. Skip over this page if you are not entering a car.
  • The fourth is the Road Tour Page. Use it to register for the Road Tour or skip it if you are not participating.
  • The fifth is the Youth Activities Page if you are bringing children ages 7 through 15 years of age.
  • The sixth is the Judging Page. Sign up with your preferences to Judge, Observer Judge, or Tabulate.
  • The seventh is the Volunteer Page which allows you to sign up to help with all of the work that makes a Convention a success.
  • The eighth is the Insurance Details Page for any Corvettes that are registered to participate in any type of NCRS Judging, displays, Road Tours, or driving events.
  • The ninth is a Summary Page for your records. A convenient “print” button will print it to your printer.
  • The last page is Payment Details. Pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or select check/money order to send your payment in by mail. Note - your registration is not processed until payment is received. If payment is not recieved by the Registar by June 1, your registration will not be accepted. NCRS Convention Registrar, Marilyn Heitzman, 15769 W. Portage River South Rd., Elmore, OH 43416-9711

If you use the online system, an e-mail will notify you that your registration was received, and you will be notified by US mail as your Convention registration, Road Tour registration, and any Corvette judging entries are accepted. If you use the US mail to mail in your registration: it will be handled as above without the e-mail confirmation.

Cancellation Information

NCRS Convention and/or Judging Registration cancellations must be received in writing (US Mail, fax or e-mail - whatever is easiest for you) on or before June 1, and will be subject to a $25 service charge.

There will be no refunds for cancellations received after June 1st. On that date, we confirm all the tours, meals, etc. with our various vendors. If you cannot attend after that late date, the NCRS is still responsible for paying our vendors for anything you ordered: therefore, no refunds.

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