National Corvette Restorers Society

NCRS 2019 National Convention

2019 NCRS Greenville, SC, National Convention
Sunday July 14th through Thursday July 19th, 2019

Judging Schools, Seminars & Tech Sessions

ALL sessions are FREE for registered Convention attendees!  Be sure to wear your Convention name badge as it is your admission ticket to these events.

Judging Seminars

Advanced NCRS Judging Seminar
Wednesday, July 17, 9:30AM to 11:30AM (Session #1)
1PM to 3PM (Session #2) and Thursday, July 18, 9:30AM to 11:30AM (Session#1) and 1PM to 3PM (Session #2).
Presenter: Terry McManmon
Location: Session #1 GCC Room 201, #2 Exhibit Hall 1.

Terry McManmon, one of the most senior NCRS Judges, long-time National Judging Team Leader, former Corvette Restorer Magazine Editor, and National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame Member, will again lead his dual-session Advanced Judging Seminar. Terry and a team of Master Judges select a highly original Corvette and then use it as an example of many original parts and assemblies. Lifts will be used for up close viewing. Session #1 on Wednesday, July 18 will feature Gary Bosselman’s presentation on engine stamp pad surfaces. (see below)Five (5) NCRS Judging Points will be awarded to those who attend BOTH sessions of this seminar on the same day.Zero (O) NCRS Judging Points be awarded to those who do not attend BOTH sessions on the same day ; except that attendees can attend only the Bosselman engine stamp pad surface presentation on July 18 and earn three (3) NCRS Judging Points. (see below)

Five (5) Judging Points will be awarded to those attending BOTH sessions on the same day.
Ten (10) Judging Points awarded to those who attend BOTH sessions on both days.
Zero (0)  Judging Points awarded to those who do not attend BOTH sessions on the same day.

Judging Paint
Monday, July 15 from 9:30AM to 11:00AM
Presenters: John Ballard and Tom Ames
Location: Exhibit Hall D

Judging Paint will cover the current NCRS judging criteria and guidelines for making accurate determinations while judging. Tom and John will discuss what typifies original-appearing finishes, as well as factory application methods. They will also discuss paint color and appearance. With this judging information, the average judge should be able to make accurate and consistent judging decisions. Tom and John will additionally address proven approaches to painting a Corvette for NCRS Flight Judging.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Ask The National Team Leaders
Monday, July 15 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.
Presenter: 13 Team Leaders
Location: GCC Room 202A

This judging school is intended for car owners, judges and members of all judging levels. NCRS is fortunate to have thirteen dedicated members who serve as our National Team Leaders. The discussion will begin with each Team Leader discussing the “hot” issues he is currently seeing on the judging field. Then the floor will be opened to your questions. Any questions will be entertained, but those of a general nature will be of the most interest to the broader audience.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Engine Stamp Pad Surfaces
Tuesday, July 16 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM
Presenters: Gary BBosselman
Location: GCC Room 202A

This school presents a detailed study of processes that Chevrolet Motor Division used to machine the engine block surfaces, especially the engine stamp pad. Gary Bosselman worked in the milling machine industry and he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the procedures that automobile manufacturers used to properly and consistently machine the flat surfaces of engine blocks. This very interesting presentation will include factory photos, drawings and charts, all presented in a PowerPoint format.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Judging 5th Generation Corvettes
Tuesday, July 16 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Presenter: Allen Tremain and Pete Bergmann
Location: GCC Room 202A

We have been judging C5 Corvettes for three years. We started in August 2015 with the 1997-1999 model years. After the 2017 national convention we added the 2000-2002 model years. We will soon begin practice judging the final C5 models. After the 2020 National Convention the entire C5 model run will be eligible for NCRS Flight Judging, PV Judging and Dave Hill Mark of Excellence Judging. This school will be hosted by Allen Tremain, NCRS C5 National Team Leader and Pete Bergmann, C5 TIM&JG contributor and former Chapter Judging Chairman. Allen and Pete will explain where C5 indentifiers are located and how we, as judges, must adapt to modern body and chassis configurations. This school will provide beneficial information for those interested in judging C5’s.

Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Introduction to NCRS Judging
Tuesday, July 16, 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Presenters: Carlton Colclough & KC Strawmyre
Location: GCC Room 201

This school is an introductory course for NCRS members with little or no NCRS judging experience. The discussion will provide an overview of how we judge Corvettes and how we recognize and reward our judges. Carlton and KC will focus on and discuss judging guidelines while offering insightful information to aid members new to the judging process. The discussion will include the NCRS Judges Recognition Program, accumulation of NCRS Judging Points, scoring sheets and how originality and condition scoring are properly applied using NCRS guidelines.

(see above)Three (3) Judging Points awarded for this session.

Technical Sessions

The 1973-1982 Corvette Build Sheet
Monday, July 15, 1 :30PM to 2:30PM
PresenterTom Russo
Location:GCC Room 202A

Tom Russo has researched the General Motors Assembly Division (GMAD) option manifest (build sheet). By 1973, the St Louis Assembly Plant had come under GMAD management and had adopted the GMAD manifest to depict buyer options. Attendees will learn how to interpret a GMAD style build sheet.

No Judging points awarded for this session

C1-C2-C3 Corvette Manual Transmissions
Tuesday, July 16, 1:00PM to 2:30PM
Presenter John Perrette
Location: GCC Room201

Here is a tremendouls opportunity to learn from John Perrette, NCRS 1955-82 Manual Transmission Technical Advisor. John will address the workings of three-speed and four-speed manual transmissions. He will lead a discussion of rebuilding issues, common technical problems and their remedies. John will also provide photos and transmission parts for your inspection. Come prepared with your questions and concerns.

No Judging points awarded for this session

Corvette Chat with past Corvette Engineers, Dave McLellan and Dave Hill
Wednesday, July 17, 3:00PM to 4:30PM
Location: GCC Room202A)

We are again honored to have these gentlemen and their wives attend our convention. These gentlemen were directly responsible for advancing the Corvette to where it is today. This will be a discussion of past and current Corvette engineering procedures, racing activities, and other topics of interest to the automobile enthusiast. A question and answer session will follow the prepared remarks.

No Judging points awarded for this session